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Ice Bottle Chiller Mold

We’ve still got a little summer left and that means more outdoor entertaining.  If you love wine as much as we do, you know that white wine is best when properly chilled properly.  Sure, the good old ice bucket will work, but in no time, you’re left with a a bucket full of water and a soaking wet bottle.  Not the best way to entertain guests.

This Ice Bottle Chiller Mold makes your wine the center of attention, while keeping it chilled for up to six hours.  Just fill the mold with water, freeze it for 24 hours, and place the perfectly shaped ice mold into the stainless steel stand for chilled wine with a little added flair.  Not only does the mold keep your wine cold at the table, but the stainless steel stand holds in all the condensation, so you don’t have to worry about getting the table wet.  Try tossing some lemon slices, strawberry or mint leaves into the mold before you freeze it to add a little decoration.  (It doubles as a centerpiece!)  And it’s an interesting, sleek, and no-mess way to chill your wine while adding some seasonal shine to the dinner table.

Ice Bottle Chiller Mold $29.95

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