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Illuminated LED Barbecue Tongs

LED Tongs.jpgWe’re big fans of barbecue, especially for dinner.  But how can you tell if your chicken is cooked to the perfect inner temperature after the sun goes down?  (We had this very problem last night. True story.) So you make your best guess then hope for the best, which isn’t the best idea when it comes to undercooked meat.   Even if you have a thermometer, there’s often not enough light to read it, not to mention you’ll need both hands to flip your T-bone or filleted fish.  And who’s got an extra hand for a flashlight when you’re grilling?

That’s why we love these Illuminated BBQ Tongs (pictured right) with a locking mechanism.  They’re sturdy enough to tackle steak and delicate enough to grasp small items or delicate filets.  The best part is that they come with a small LED light attached.  And the light comes right off for easy clean up.   These locking tongs are made of rustless stainless steel and the handles are made from Bakelite.  Plus, the 20-inch extra-long handle means you don’t need to worry about scorching your hands.  Oh, and they’re only $10.99, which seems a tad inexpensive, but let’s keep that between us.

LED Light Tongs $10.99

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