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Ingenious Microplane Herb Mill

herbmill.jpgAs you probably know by now, we’re obsessed with the best, new kitchen gadgets.  (Our drawers are crowded with tools to prove it.)  And now that spring is here, we want to make the most of fresh herbs from the Greenmarket or grocery store.  But unless you’re a professional cook or Martha Stewart, chopping herbs finely and evenly (without tearing them) isn’t as easy as it looks.   That’s where an herb mill comes in handy.  We don’t want name names, the blades on last year’s contraption have already dulled, so we were in the market for a new one.

One of our favorite kitchen tool sites, Chef’s Catalog has several mills to choose from, but the Microplane Herb Mill (pictured right) is by far our favorite.  There’s literally hundreds of tiny and sharp blades that manage to chop without blemishing any of the pieces. The ergonomic handle makes for easy and comfortable gripping, and there’s even a separate chamber where you can store dry patted herbs until you want to use them. And like all the best gadgets (for lazy cooks like myself), it’s dishwasher safe.

Microplane Herb Mill$19.95

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