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King Cube Ice Tray


ice cubes.jpgWhen it’s hot out, we want our drink.  Whether it be an iced tea, iced coffee, or a mojito, we want our drink cold and preferably with lots of ice.  Unfortunately, the sun and heat always manage to melt our cubes and dilute our drink long before we’re done.   (If we wanted ice water, that’s what we would’ve poured ourselves.)  How do we prevent our summer gin and tonics from becoming gin and cold water with a slightly tonic-y taste?  Giant ice cubes.

These king cube trays make large, 2-inch square cubes that melt enough to keep our drink cold, but not so quickly they make you think you’re drinking infused water.  They’re big enough to put garnishes in, like mint or berries, which is one of our favorite (and easy) ways to impressing guests.  The trays are made of silicone for easy ice removal, and are dishwasher safe.  No more watered-down beverages?  $14.95 for two?  Cheers to that.

Link: King Cube Tray $14.95


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