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Kitchen Composter

18057_zoom1Call it speed composting.  No one has a good reason not to recycle food anymore. That’s right, you can recycle your fruit or vegetable remains, coffee grounds, and yard waste (if you’re lucky enough to have a yard), transforming it into premium topsoil right in your kitchen.

This is the composter for the urban set.  The odorless Bokashi Kitchen Composter takes the “ew” factor out of composting, giving you no excuses. Using the Japanese method of Bokashi, your food waste is fermented in less than half the time of conventional composting methods.   Just store it under your kitchen sink or somewhere with easy access and fill it with up to five gallons of food waste.  In ten days, you will have a pre- compost product ready to be buried in your garden (be it a bucolic or urban garden), which will in a month’s time turn into rich topsoil. With all the benefits of composting and the foolproof ease of this Bokashi composter, why not?

Bokashi Kitchen Composter $48

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