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Josh Eden Unveils a Late-night Dim Sum Menu

Steamed Chicken Sui Mai.jpgLate-night dining just got much more interesting on Prince Street.  Though Shorty’s.32 may play an American comfort food restaurant by day, it’s soon to become a dim sum speakeasy by night.  Why tamper with a good thing you might ask?

“Because chefs need to eat dinner as well…”  That’s a quote from the new late-night menu.  When we got word of this under the radar project, we stopped in to taste the offerings for ourselves.  Bottom line: there’s a serious dim sum menu in the works at present.  Just this weekend, the kitchen was turning out everything from shrimp hargow to pot stickers to chicken sui mai.  My favorites were the crispy shrimp with sweet mayonnaise and steamed pork buns.  Eden even makes his own wonton wrappers and hargow dough.

Sound familiar?  Of course it does.  Josh Eden had lots of practice during the year-run of 66, where he ran Jean-Georges kitchen in Tribeca.  66 may have faded into Matsugen, an exceptional Japanese soba house, but Eden’s Chinatown-style dumplings are available at Shorty’s.32 from 11:30 p.m. until closing. 

While the new menu doesn’t officially launch until Thursday, September 18th, from what I sampled I’d say they’re running on all cylinders. 

Then again, no one’s a tougher critic than a fellow chef.

For a peek at the menu:
Shorty’s.32 Dim Sum Menu.pdf

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