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Macaron Baking Set

It feels like just yesterday that everyone in New York City was talking about where to get the best cupcake.  Though the cupcake craze hasn’t really died  down (you’ll still find a line out the door at Magnolia almost every day),  there’s a new dessert in town that you can suddenly find just about anywhere in the city: Macarons.  These bite-size, French sweets are turning up in almost every bakery with every filling imaginable.  If you don’t feel like leaving the house for one, you don’t have to because we’ve found the at-home solution to your macaron cravings.

The Macaron Baking Set from Mastrad has all of the essentials: A baking sheet with ridges to give you the perfect macaron shape, a pastry bag for easy piping, and all of the pastry bag accessories you’ll ever need.  Everything in the kit is made of silicone, so it’s durable and able to withstand heat (not to mention, absolutely nothing will stick to it).  Plus, it’s all dishwasher safe, so you’ll be baking like a pro with half the clean up.   We love making pistachio macarons filled with vanilla bean buttercream, but the possibilities are endless.  How about Peanut butter & Jelly or Nutella and Banana?   Now you can bake like a Frenchman (or woman).  This fall, skip the cupcakes and impress the crowd with some professional (and deliciously addictive) macarons!

Mastrad Macaron Baking Set $42.15


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  3. The Macaron Baking Set make great gifts! They sell them at Mastrad’s website as well.

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