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Marshmallow Roasting Tree

tree With the summer in full swing, we can’t help but daydream about beachside bonfires involving America’s favorite camp classic, S’mores.  Whether you like your marshmallows coaxed to a light, golden brown or burnt to a crisp, you’ve no doubt experienced a lost marshmallow here and there.  That’s the problem with using twigs as your roasting device.

But with this quirky Marshmallow Tree, you can eliminate the casualties and master the quest to find your perfect shade of done!  Elegance meets functionality with The Marshmallow Tree by Rome Industries.  This unique marshmallow roaster is crafted with ten “branches,” so you can roast up to 10 marshmallows at one time.  And the rosewood-stained steel tree is durable enough to handle the heat of the largest campfire you can build.  It’s a great summer gift for the camper or beachcomber in your life, although we suspect you’ll probably want to buy one for yourself too…

Marshmallow Roasting Tree $13.23


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