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Meatball Grill Basket

There’s something about meatballs that make them one of the ultimate comfort foods.  Maybe it’s their moist, juicy flavor, or that we nostalgically associate them with home.  Whatever it is, they’re surefire crowd pleasers and there are endless ways to make them.  You can add mozzarella to your meatball mix, capers, raisins, or even bits of pineapple.  The problem is we never could quite figure out how to add them to a summer menu.  But if everything else can go on the grill, why not meatballs?

This Meatball Grill Basket from Williams-Sonoma finally gives us an excuse to make meatballs come summer.  The stainless-steel tray holds 12 perfectly shaped meatballs, and it’s perforated so excess fat drips away.  What’s more, the grill infuses them with a smoky flavor and beautiful char that you just can’t get on the stove.   You can even coat them in barbecue sauce in honor of summer or add a little Sriracha sauce for a kick!

Meatball Grill Basket $49.95

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