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Mini Ice Cream Sandwich Fun

Let’s face it:  Ice cream sandwiches never get old no matter what age you are.  There’s something about a perfect bite of ice cream sandwiched in between two cookies that makes us all feel like a kid again.  Of course, we’re older and we have a more sophisticated palate beyond good humor bars.  We want something more creative, something homemade.

While it may seem like a simple snack, they can get pretty difficult to make on your own.  Ever tried to smash a scoop of ice cream in between two homemade cookies?  We have, and most of the time it ends up in a bowl looking more like a sundae with cookie crumble on top.

This Mini Ice Cream Sandwich Press makes creating these summer treats a little easier (and a lot more fun).  And, they’re mini, so you don’t have to feel so guilty about eating one after all of your hard work!  Just stamp the press into your favorite cookie, scoop some ice cream into the tube, stamp in another cookie layer, and use the handle to push out the perfect little ice cream sandwich. And we love the fact that it’s easy enough for the kids to play with to create their own combination of cookies and ice cream, so everyone can have their favorite. (We like dark chocolate cookies with mint ice cream).  The set comes with heart, circle, and star molds, so stamp away. Happy summer…

Mini Ice Cream Sandwich Press $15.00

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