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Mini Pocket Pie Molds

From mini cheesecakes and macarons to bite-sized ice cream sandwiches and teeny-weeny tarts, the diminutive dessert trend doesn’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon.  And while certain treats don’t take too much effort to downsize at home, pies definitely aren’t one of them.  We once tried to make miniature pies in a cupcake tin…tried, unfortunately, being the operative term.

Thankfully, these Mini Pocket Pie Molds from Williams-Sonoma have inspired us to give it another go.  We love that they take all the fuss and guesswork out of shaping and crimping, easily molding and cutting the dough into individual apples, circles and stars.  All you have to do is place a scrap of dough inside your desired form, fill it, and let the mold do the rest.  It even punches a vent in the top of your pie, so your oven doesn’t get splattered with explosively hot filling.  Bake or deep-fry your tiny pastries (just make sure you remove them from the plastic molds first), and voila!  You’re a master of the mini dessert craze.  But you don’t need to save them as your secret weapon for after the meal (at least not exclusively).  We also love making savory pies, like creamy spinach and feta or spicy sausage with mozzarella, to put out before dinner for everyone to snack on.

Mini Pocket Pie Molds (Set of 3) $19.95

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