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Chow Down at NYC’s Annual Burger Week

WordpressFeature700x345If there’s any foodstuff that deserves its own holiday, it’s definitely Burgers, and May just happens to be National Hamburger Month.  Yep!  Right about NOW,   Schweid & Sons sponsors NYC’s annual Burger Week; seven days full of dinners and special programming, commemorating the almighty meat patty.  So you’d be well advised to start fasting now, in anticipation of the following gluttonous celebrations…

Joe’s Bar NYC Golden Burger Lift Dinner (May 2):
Inspired by “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory,” this wild and wonky burger experience includes a Willy Wonka Burger with a rainbow bun, elevated on a burger lift (a device that keeps the juices from ruining your bun when you put it down in between bites) as well as Sloppy Grandpa Joe’s French Fries, your choice between a Fizzy Lifting Drink and a Snozzberry Slushie, a Chocolate Fever Dessert, and the chance to find “The Golden Burger Lift,” which can be redeemed for a 1 hour happy hour black-iron-burgerwith open bar for 20 people, or a four-pack of burger lifts to take home.

Black Iron Burger Civil War (May 3): Geek out at Black Iron’s superhero-themed face-off, which pits an Iron Man-inspired burger (horseradish cheddar, stout caramelized onions) against one modeled after Captain America (fried eggs, smoked bacon, swiss) along with beers from the hometowns of each — NYC and Long Island, respectively — for $37 for two people.

The Ainsworth Bourbon and Burgers Dinner (May 4): Get schooled in bourbon-burger-3burgers, bourbon and more for $45, at this appetizing and educational event at The Ainsworth.  A mixology master will share insight on how bourbon is made, what to pair it with and how to incorporate it into a cocktail, a team member from Schewid & Sons will teach you about ground beef and blends, culinary staff will instruct you how to make both barbecue sauce and burgers, and two Instagram specialists will even share tips and tricks on how to take awesome food photos, thereby increasing engagement on the popular social media site (if that’s your thing).

Uncle Sam’s Burgers, The Twisted Burger Experience (May 5): For only $36 for two people, patrons will have the opportunity to test-drive four of burger14f-14-webUncle Sam’s limited edition burgers (think the “SAMbaga Wakamee” with seaweed, shrimp and creamy jalapeno Dressing, the “Rub my Belly” with pork belly and pickled onions and the “Thai Me Up” with coconut milk and red curry paste), accompanied by fries, fountain drinks and flavored iced teas.

Burgers for Barkers (May 6): If there’s a better incentive for chowing down on hamburgers, we don’t have the faintest idea what it is.  $35 tickets to this unprecedented collaboration between Hard Times Sundaes 6a00d8341c58bb53ef01b8d0904ca8970c-800wiand Emily includes a limited edition mashup between the food truck’s critically acclaimed patty, and the pizza shop’s unilaterally adored burger, as well as tastings of NY Distilling Co’s Ragtime Rye, AND a donation to the NY Bully Crew; a not-for-profit organization specializing in the rescue and rehabilitation of pitbulls.

Brother Jimmy’s The Kentucky Derby of Burgers (May 7): No need to choose between Kentucky Derby celebrations and conspicuous fried-green-tomato-bacon-burgerconsumption of hamburgers.  The Union Square branch of the barbecue mini chain, Brother Jimmy’s, is throwing a Derby-themed, patty-centric dinner and viewing party for $40 per person, featuring a Blue Grass Burger, a Fried Green Tomato Burger and a Hot Brown Burger, each paired with a different Woodford Reserve-based cocktail.


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