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New York’s Best PB & J Dishes

In case you haven’t noticed, we have a serious peanut butter obsession, so we’re pretty excited to milk National Peanut Butter and Jelly Day for all its worth.  This Monday, April 2nd, celebrates that iconic, brown bagged lunch most of us grew up on, but in New York, the humble sandwich has undergone a major makeover.  Afterall, we’ve got bragging rights to the some of the most innovative chefs in the country. Take April Bloomfield for example.  In her hands, the classic PB & J gets stuffed with bananas, dunked in bourbon and deep fried at the Breslin.  Then, there’s killer PB&J doughnuts at the Doughnut Plant, peanut butter and jelly macarons at Bosie Tea Parlor to peanut butter & jelly pancakes at Lavo. Not to mention an entire restaurant exclusively devoted to peanut butter endeavors in the West Village

Here’s a few of our favorites…

Bosie Tea Parlor – PB & J Macarons 
10 Morton St., btwn Bleecker & 7th Aves

This new French tea parlor fits right into the neighborhood, already attracting a regular crowd of locals and macaron fanatics.  As far as we’re concerned, their tour de force is the peanut butter and jelly macaron with peanut butter cream and strawberry pâte de fruit.  Macaron flavors at Bosie change on a regular basis, so nab this one ASAP to mark the nutty occasion.

50 Clinton St., btwn Rivington & Stanton Sts

The cocktails are just as exciting as the food at Wylie Dusfresne’s LES temple of modern cuisine. The “New School” cocktail is WD-50’s grown up take on the classic, a blend of peanut butter sake, white vermouth, and a touch of raspberry–the classic sandwich in a buzz inducing liquid form.

Peanut Butter & Co.
240 Sullivan St., btwn Bleecker St & 3rd Sts

Peanut butter is an all day affair at this Greenwich Village eatery.  They’re so serious about peanut butter here they have their own line of peanut butters in several innovative flavors, including cinnamon raisin swirl, dark chocolate and white chocolate.  (Peanut Butter & Co. even makes portable peanut butter squeeze packs for random cravings.) If you have time, it’s worth a visit to choose from an exclusive peanut butter sandwich menu with everything from a pb & j club to spicy peanut butter with grilled chicken and pineapple jam.

The Breslin – Deep-Fried PB & J
20 W 29th Street, nr. Broadway

Tucked inside the Ace Hotel, The Breslin takes PB&J to a whole new level.  April Bloomfield’s never been known to do anything in moderation and her homage to America’s beloved sandwich follows suit.  She adds bananas and soaks this bad boy in bourbon before deep frying it and the result has become a right of passage for some folks.  But that’s not the only tribute to peanut butter and jelly on the menu.  The menu also features peanut butter pancakes topped with concord grape jelly and a spoonful of peanut butter. The final touch is a sprinkling of fresh peanuts.

‘Wichcraft – P B & J Club
 269 11th Ave., btwn. 27th & 28th Sts

Okay, so the schools aren’t closed, but ‘Wichcraft is honoring this national food holiday with a peanut butter & jelly club sandwich for just $3 all day. This is Tom Colicchio’s peanut butter-inspired riff on a classic club layered not with bacon, lettuce and tomato, but instead with crunchy peanut butter and greenmarket strawberry preserves.

Hill Country  – PB & J Cupcake
30 W 26th Street btwn 6th Ave & Broadway

Better known for Texas barbecue, Hill Country happens to make one of the best cupcakes in the city.  We’re sick of cupcakes, too, but we happily make an exception for killer Elizabeth Karmel’s pb & j cupcake.  She starts with an indelibly fluffy vanilla cake, fills it with jelly and adds peanut butter frosting.  She tops the whole thing off with Reese’s Pieces and chopped peanuts. It’s so good we pop in just for a cupcake fix.

Doughnut Plant – PB & Jelly Donut
379 Grand Street btwn Suffolk St & Norfolk St

You don’t usually associate donuts with artisanal ingredients, but this Lower East Side shop will change the way change that forever.  We love all of their donuts, but one of our all-time favorites with a P B & J donut made with porous wheat dough, homemade peanut butter glaze and blackberry jelly.

Meatball Shop – PB & J Ice Cream Sandwich
84 Stanton St., btwn Allen St & Orchard Sts

The ice cream sandwiches are just as good as the meatballs at this rapidly grown empire of Meatball Shops.  Start with any one of their meatball, like spicy pork, beef or even vegetable, but keep your eye on the ball, which in this case, is the dessert menu.   The do-it-yourself- philosophy the menu (choosing your own sauce and meatballs) isn’t just limited to the savory side of things.  Meatball Shop encourages customers to mix & match homemade cookiesflavors with any one of their ice cream, including your standard chocolate and vanilla, fresh mint, and caramel.  In honor of P B & J day, we recommend the peanut butter cookies with strawberry ice cream.

Lavo  – PB & Jelly Pancakes
39 E 58th St., btwn. Madison & Park Aves

Lavo is one of the last places we’d think of when it comes to breakfast, which is why we’re grateful someone tipped us off to the weekend brunch at this midtown nightlight spot.  The highlight of the brunch menu are their P B & J pancakes served with fresh strawberry preserves, creamy peanut butter mascarpone, and Reese’s Pieces. You might want to crawl right back in bed after, but that’s what weekend brunches are for.

Baked – P B & J  Bar
359 Van Brunt Street

There are almost too many amazing sweets on the menu at this Brooklyn bake shop, the likes of brownies, tarts, and whoopee pies.  Several of the brownies are peanut butter inspired by the true homage to PB & J comes in the form of a dessert bar that starts with shortbread, layered with peanut butter and homemade raspberry jam.  It’s the s

The Sweet Life – Dark Chocolate Covered PB & J
63 Hester St., btwn Ludlow & Essex Sts

This Lower East Side shop is a well-known destination for candy and chocolate, including hard-to-find European brands as well as homemade halvah and fudge.  The Sweet Life ups the ante on the garden variety peanut butter and jelly with a chocolate covered rendition. And dark chocolate at that. Peanut butter and raspberry jelly comes sandwiched between two graham crackers, but the cincher is a dip in dark chocolate, which changes the game entirely.

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