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New York’s Hottest Winter Cocktails

mulledwine.jpgWe’re not suggesting you forgo your daily cup (or three) of coffee, but
winter is the perfect time to add a warm libation to your list of go-to
beverages. From the Hot Buttered Mezcal at Daniel Boulud’s Bar Pleiades to Peels‘ outstanding “Ichabod’s Old Fashioned,” made with homemade pumpkin bitters & maple syrup, here’s a few of the hottest winter cocktails this season…

Peels Restaurant
Address: 235 Bowery New York, NY 10003
Phone: (646) 602-7015

Peels specializes in southern comfort foods, like fresh baked biscuits and gravy, but we’re just as excited to discover a soothing hot cocktail to settle into after work hours.  The cocktail chefs here have come up with a terrific spiced apple cider, dubbed “The Switchel”, composed of dark rum, apple cider, apple cider vinegar, ginger, and molasses.  If that’s not your calling your name, they’ve also created “Ichabod’s Old Fashioned”, a unique riff on this classic, made with homemade pumpkin bitters, bourbon, rum, and maple syrup.

Café Orlin
Address: 41 Saint Marks Place New York, NY 10003
Phone: (212) – 777-1447

Cafe Orlin’s menu spans the map, but it’s best known for its coffee creations and weekend brunch.  Instead of heading to a bar after work, you might consider heading to this low key, St Mark’s spot for Cafe Orlin’s Signature Hot Toddy.  We’ve had our share of spiked, mulled ciders, but what sets this one apart is the bitter-sweet addition of grand Marnier, black tea, spices, and fresh fruit. We’re also fans of their “Cadillac Cider”, composed of home-pressed apple cider with a splash of brandy and grand Marnier.

Alice’s Tea Cup
Address: 102 West 73rd St # 1 New York, NY 10023
Phone: (212) 799-3006

Think Alice In Wonderland meets British high tea: This whimsical tea parlor takes the pretense out of afternoon tea and beyond. In fact, one of our favorite meals is brunch with everything from cornmeal pancakes to apricot brandy tea-infused french toast. Nevermind the outstanding assortment of fresh baked goods, like classic, buttermilk biscuits and pumpkin-spiced scones.  And let’s not neglect the drinks, which include a standout  “Hot Toddy,” made with rooibos bourbon tea and cider, or the “Honey Cocoa,” a blend of phoenix tea-infused hot chocolate with bourbon.

hot toddy.jpgUnion Square Café
Address:  21 E 16th St New York, NY 10003
Phone: (212)-625-2929

After more than two decades, Danny Meyer’s flagship continues to hold its own on the dining scene, which means it’s still just as hard to get a reservation.  No matter. You can still roll up to the bar for a bite and a glass of wine, or even better, a cocktail.  Our favorite is “The Palmetto”, a classic drink created back in the 1930’s that’s practically made for winter. This old school libation is a unique blend of Venezuelan dark rum, dry Vermouth, aged Sicilian Vermouth, and orange.

Bar Pleiades
Address: 20 E. 76th St, Manhattan, NY 10021
Phone: (212) 772-2600

If you want a Daniel Boulud-inspired nibble without the commitment of a long, pricey meal, Bar Pleiades is a terrific alternative.  Tucked inside the Surrey Hotel right next to Cafe Boulud, this elegant, Upper East Sider offers everything from beef sliders to tart flambé, but the biggest draw can be found on the cocktail menu.  There are several inspired drinks, including the Applejack Smash, composed of maple syrup, lemon and mint or hot buttered mescal with mole bitters, hot water & butter.

Community Food and Juice Restaurant
Address:  2983 Broadway New York, NY 10027
Phone: (212) 665-2800
This Morningside Heights restaurant prides itself on being a neighborhood joint — part diner, part pub with everything from a biscuit sandwich and banana walnut pancakes at breakfast to roasted duck breast or homemade ravioli.  Where drinks are concerned, the menu features from scratch hot chocolate, warm cider with lemon, mint & honey.  For something that will take the edge off, try Community’s  ‘hot buttered cider,’ composed of organic apple cider, warm maple butter, cinnamon, and gold rum, or Irish coffee with whiskey.

The Dove Parlour
Address: 228 Thompson Street New York, NY 10012
Phone: (212) 254-1435

This Greenwich Village bar has earned praise for its romantic setting and classic cocktails.  This season, The Dove Parlour is offering several wintry libations, includiing warm mulled red wine. Or you can also get cozy with their Honey Dove made with cognac, honey and organic soy milk or Spiced Peach Cobbler, a blend of peach vodka, honey and vanilla soy milk.

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