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Omido on the Rise

It’s about time someone step up and open a nonchain restaurant in the gastronomically-challenged desert that is Midtown West.  Amidst a blizzard of Starbucks & Cosi types, a new sushi spot will soon grace the forlorn area with its raw wares.  Owner Udi, former manager of Sushi Samba on Park, has migrated uptown to launch Omido, a sushi house of his very own.  A departure from their usual industrial chic design, AvroKo has stepped in to transform the former electronics store into a sophisticated spot with warm, wood-paneled accents and a sushi bar.  Udi has stolen chef Taka away from Sushi Samba to run the kitchen, which will dish out traditional Japanese cooked fare as well as sushi.   The only catch: diners will have to maneuver their way through the “Late Show with David Letterman” masses that line up nightly outside the adjacent theater.


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