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On-Ice Bowl

600734v1.jpgThrowing an outdoor party, unfortunately, tends to require a lot of time spent indoors prepping.  Whether it’s getting meat for the grill, ice for drinks, or snacks to refill bowls means plenty of trips back & forth from the kitchen to your guests.  This on-ice acrylic bowl (pictured right) won’t eliminate your trips inside altogether, but it will certainly cut down on them.

Simply put ice in the bottom compartment, put the bowl on top of the ice and fill it with anything from pasta salad to shrimp cocktail to a green salad.  The additional sections are ideal for separating fruit or crudite and the center compartment is perfect for dip.  The vented grate at the bottom of the bowl keeps things cold and prevents food from getting soggy or the ice from melting all over the table.  The set also comes with a serving spoon & fork, and even a domed lid to keep the bugs out.


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