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Onion Goggles

organizeeverything1_2137_3319726785.jpgFinding these goggles (pictured right) was fate. Just last night I was tearing up as I chopped onions for a few batches of soup. If you’re wearing eye makeup, forget it. You’ll have to wash your face and start from scratch.

Unless you have a pair of onion goggles. It undoubtedly sounds a little silly to buy goggles, never mind wear them, to chop onions, but it makes the process much more pleasant and practical, especially when you’re entertaining. Guys don’t have to wear pink.  They’ve made a white pair as well.  So now you can avoid tearing up, red eyes and squinting, which isn’t exactly the safest way to chop onions.

Onion Goggles $19.95

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