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Know It All Pan


We admit it: Sometimes, technology is totally over our heads these days.  While we love a good hack or anything that improves the flavor of our food, we’re pretty old school when it comes to actual cooking.

So when we say we’ve fallen for something techy, you might want to listen up.  This little pan (pictured right) can detect the temperature of your food in real time, taking the guess work out of cooking.  Forget about poking at your meat or fish with a knife to check if it’s perfectly medium rare.  You just open the Panintelligent App on your phone, hold it up to the pan’s handle and read the temperature on the screen.

That’s just for starters.  This ingenious pan & App also gives you step by step recipes to follow, even telling you when to flip your fish or turn off the burner.  If you really want to geek out, you can buy a special burner and let the pan literally do the work for you by controlling the temperature and even turning the pan off itself when your food is done. Seriously… we’re sold.

Panintelligent $199

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