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Pasta & Parmesan Tool

pastadetail.jpgPasta is the kind of dish you can throw together last minute and still end up with something wonderful for dinner.  And if you keep dried pasta and parmesan on hand, you don’t even have to go shopping before dinner.   Now, all you need is the right tools. Or maybe just one.

This pasta & Parmesan tool (pictured right) is 3 tools in one, making  cooking pasta even easier.  For starters, it measures out pasta into equal portion, and once the pasta is done cooking, the “fork” end of this gadget can be used to pick up pasta and its sauce.  It even has a built-in grater for topping your pasta with fresh Parmesan or any other hard cheese you like.  Really, all you need is boiling water,a box of pasta, and cheese.  Dinner is served.


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