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Peep Show

Spring is in the air – the sun is shining, birds are singing, lovers are loving, and Restaurant Girl is hanging out with her Peeps!

Who are my Peeps, you might naively ask… they’re the colorful, marshmallow candies who dedicate their lives to Easter.  But don’t think that my sugar-coated posse is just a seasonal afterthought.  Even though they flood your local drugstore only once a year,  the Just Born Candy Company is working furiously all year around laying two million Peep eggs a day to meet the Easter demand.  When Easter finally arrives, over 600 million Peeps (in the form of birds, bunnies, & eggs) migrate from their holy birthplace of Bethlehem, PA, to spread sugar-coated joy around the world!

But Peeps are so much bigger than just a candy… they’ve become a way of life.  People like to play with their peeps, take pictures and experiment all in the name of peep research.

  • Much like you and me, Peeps can be resilient little creatures.

(Below is a photo of a hot Peep under pressure)

Sure a little heat will soften him, but this gooey little guy still tastes good.  Trust me.

  • However, when frozen and whacked with a hammer, a Peep will
    tragically shatter into thousands of peep peices (Performed by
    professional Stunt Peeps.  Please don’t try this at home).

(frozen peep)

  • It’s violent acts like this one that often drive Peeps to engage in reckless behavior.  In fact,  recent studies reveal that smoking and drinking have
    dramatically increased among the Peep Population (see below).

  • Peeps have developed such a following that fanatics gather in Sacramento, California,  to compete in the ANNUAL PEEP OFF.  Last year, Dennis Gross ingested an impressive 102 peeps in 20 minutes to set a new world record!  So if you haven’t already signed up to compete, grab your Peeps and head on down the highway.


  • Peeps are relatively healthy little
    creatures (made with love — from sugar, corn syrup, gelatin,food
    coloring and potassium sorbate).  Peeps pride themselves on being fat
    free —

Calories: 32 calories
Carbohydrates: 8 g
Sugar: 7.2
Total Fat: 0g

  • Just Born Candy Company began making Peeps in 1963, making them over 50 years old.
  • Did you know yellow is the most popular color Peep?  Then pink, blue, purple and lastly, the albino peep, which still counts for a surprising 4% of peep sales.
  • Some avid Peep eaters like to poke holes in the plastic to let the Peeps age before indulging their Peep cravings.
  • Peeps have an actual shelf life of 24 months, so you feel free to eat last year’s peeps this Easter.
  • The original peep was a bird, thus the name peep after the sound.  The bunny is the Peep’s first cousin.

Until next thyme,
Restaurant Girl

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