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Personalized Glassware

Screen Shot 2013-02-12 at 3.52.05 PMPersonalized gifts for couples aren’t hard to come by.  The usual suspects, like coffee mugs, keychains, and picture frames are great, but chances are you’re already the proud owner of all three.  If you really want to do something different, why not get something a little less cliche and a bit more practical?

We adore these Personalized Tree Trunk Glasses because they’re engraved by hand, and give you good reason to have a drink to cheers with your special someone.  Available for wine drinkers or beer connoisseurs (or one of each), these glasses are sandblasted with an original tree bark design by artist Jennifer Fillinger, and then diamond engraved with the couple’s initials and anniversary date.  Besides being practical and beautiful, they’re a thoughtful way to celebrate two love birds during any occasion.

Personalized Tree Trunk Glassware Duo $85

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