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Pinch & Pour Measuring Cups

pinch & pour.jpgNo matter what kind of cook you are, you need a set of measuring cups.  Sure, you can eyeball it, but unless you’re a professional chef, you’ll likely end up with watery sauce or a flat souffle and that’s never a good thing. We don’t believe in gadgets for the sake of clever little tools to show off to guests, but these are too good to pass up.  For starters, they’re collapsible, so they practically no space at all, which is helpful when you live in an apartment the size of walk-in closet.

Even better, you can pinch the top of the cup for a narrow pour to eliminate any mess or lost measured ingredients. When you’re through, toss them in the dishwasher, push down on the top to collapse them and pop them in the drawer.  Whether you’re a baker or grill master, these measuring cups save you space and mess in the kitchen.

Pinch & Pour Measuring Cups $14.95 

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