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Pizza Paired

Fancy this…it seems a beer isn’t worthy of the almighty slice these days.  Then again, what do you expect when you enlist Gourmet Magazine’s wine aficionado to tweak the wine list at a pizza joint?  While obsessed oenephiles have been scientifically pairing pizza & wine for decades, it’s only in the past few years that restaurants like Batali-Bastianich’s Otto & Vincent Scotto’s Gonzo have come along to introduce aggressive wine programs. 

Michael Ayoub’s Cronkite Pizzeria & Wine Bar, a LES subterranean pizza place with inventively topped pies, has just launched a new wine menu and with it, a wine flight.  Wine expert Michael Green has apparently taken his cue from the pizza menu, which is uniquely organized according to generation: classic, regional & modern.  Essentially – the older the pie, the less trappings.  For example, a margherita pizza would classify as classic, but throw a little ricotta & eggplant on top, you’re stepping into third generation territory. 

But let’s not lose our focus.  No longer do you have to imbibe from merely one generation of grapes.  Oh no.  Cronkite’s “Flight of Fancy” allows you to sample three generations of wine for $10 in the month of May.  But come June, it’s back up to $15. 

Well, now I’ve seen everything. 

Until we eat again,
Restaurant Girl

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