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Pop Out Bakeware

Bakeware isn’t exactly the last word in innovation nowadays.  Think about it; when’s the last time you found a cake pan that really knocked your socks off, or a state-of-the-art cookie sheet?  Everything from pie plates to muffin tins have had essentially the same design for years, and we’ve just come to accept the fact that they aren’t always easy to work with.  But doesn’t it drive you crazy when, no matter how much Pam or butter you use, you can’t extract your zucchini bread from the loaf pan without it breaking into bits?

That’s why we were pleasantly surprised to come across chef Curtis Stone’s line of “Pop Out” bakeware, that actually seems to break new ground.  Made from durable steel and lined with flexible, heat-safe silicone, you can literally just push up the bottom of the pan when you’re done baking, and your tasty creation will pop right out, no delicate surgery with a butter knife required.  There are also large handles on both sides of every pan for easy gripping, and a non-stick coating that ensures even browning.  It’s not exactly rocket science, but when it comes to bakeware, a little innovation goes a long way.

Pop Out Round Cake Pan $30.53
Pop Out Loaf Pan $30.53
Pop Out Muffin Pan $30.53

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