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Q & A With Scott and Heather Fratangelo

Husband-and-wife team, Scott and Heather Fratangelo, have figured out the equation to both a happy marriage and a thriving career in food.  At Spigolo, their UES Italian team effort, the two manage to maintain a packed house with month-long waits for reservations.  While Scott serves as the executive chef, Heather skillfully leads the pastry and wine programs.  Their ambitious menu features veal scallopine paired with beet greens and spring onions, and grilled pork rib chop with plum mustardo and roasted artichokesYou simply can’t skip dessert at Spigolo: Heather bakes an inspired mascarpone tart with balsamic figs as well as an exotic, coconut panna cotta with papaya, mango and pineapple.



Married to each other.

What did you want to be
when you grew up?

Scott: Race car driver
Heather: Nurse

What was your first job in

Scott: Prep Cook At Lobster House
Heather: Burger King

Where did you two meet?
Both: We met at Union Square Café.

Why did you decide to go off on your own?
Both: We both shared a passion for the business. We wanted to be
in control of our destiny.

Do you two ever argue on the job?
Both: Never about the menu. 

What’s your favorite dish
on Spigolo’s menu right now and why?

Scott: Currently the quail.
Heather: Berry
Cobbler what can I say, I’m a pastry chef.

What’s your least favorite
dish (and yes, you must pick one)?

Scott: Without question, the obligatory salmon.

What is your junk food of

Scott: Chocolate chip cookies
Heather: Ice cream

Other than your own, what’s
your favorite restaurant in NYC?

Both: Le Bernadin

What culinary trend do you most embrace?
Both: Sustainable Agriculture – From the farm to the restaurant
within 50 feet.

What trend do you wish
would die already?

Both: Water tastings in a restaurant.  Does anyone ever ask for the nine-course water wasting?

What’s next on the horizon for you? Any new ventures or restaurants in the works? Spill the beans…
S: Possibly a more casual project in the very near future. I
will keep you posted.
H: Meaning I will keep you posted.

Address: 1561 2nd Ave., nr. 81st St.
Phone: (212)744-1100

Until we eat again,
Restaurant Girl
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