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Restaurant Worthy Salad Dressing At Home

Don’t you hate it when you go out for dinner and discover a great, new salad dressing only to find out that you can’t for the life of you figure out how to recreate it at home?  Most of us think to ourselves, “If only we had the recipe,” but that’s just a small part of the problem.

What we really need are the tools and techniques that restaurant chefs use, which is why we fell for this Chef’n Salad Dressing Emulsifier.   What’s an emulsion you ask? A blend of two liquids that normally don’t blend together, like oil and water.  This surprisingly inexpensive tool helps you make professional-tasting vinaigrettes, flavored oils and dressings in a flash. (Think blood orange-flavored olive oil or balsamic fig vinaigrette.)  All you do is add your ingredients to the decanter, pull the trigger button and the corkscrew-shaped stirrer blends the liquids automatically.  The result is a smooth and creamy blend that tastes a lot better than anything you could do by whipping it up with a soup spoon.  Best of all, the Emulsifer is dishwasher safe.   Why not make a few, creatively flavored olive oils of your own and give them as gifts for the holidays?  It’s never too soon to start emulsifying a few blends of your own.

Chef’N Salad Emulsifier $14.95


  1. The salad dressing and tool looks amazing!! Great blog post!!

  2. Just give me a Mason jar with a lid!

  3. This is a great tool! Making your own salad dressings couldn’t be easier. LR Bergeron

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