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Rib Rack

Labor Day is fast approaching, which sadly means summer is almost over.  There goes half-day Fridays, white pants and local peaches.  But there’s still time for one last, big BBQ before the summer fun ends.  We want to go out big, so we’re making ribs, but as we learned a few weeks ago, one rack can take up the entire grill.  There was no room for corn or zucchini on the grill, not to mention that you have to grill each rib rack one at a time, which took forever.  It got ugly.

We dug around a little and found this stainless steel rib rack (pictured right), which allows you to grill six rib racks at a time.  Each rack of ribs fits into a compartment on the stainless steel rack and cooks vertically, creating more room under the grill lid.  It works for baby backs, beef ribs, and spare ribs alike.  Even better, the vertical cooking helps drain excess fat.  Now you’ll have enough ribs to feed the crowd at your Labor Day BBQ!

Rib Rack… $19.95  at William Sonoma

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