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Self-Stirring Electric Pot


While we enjoy the idea of cooking at home, all the prep work can sometimes seem daunting.  We often long for a sous chef to help us chop, season, saute or at least stir the pot, so our pricey greenmarket vegetables don’t burn.

And that’s why the discovery of this electric self stirring electric pot (pictured right) has been so clutch. It’s equipped with a rotating spatula that moves around whatever ingredients you throw into the pot from meat to veggies. The spatula can even be timed to stir the food constantly, or just sporadically. It’s an amazing substitute for a pair of hands, and maybe even better.

What makes owning this bad boy essential is that it’s also comes with a stirrer. You can saute, braise, boil or simmer meals large enough to feed a family of four.  Like most electric pots, it’s also great for southern, low and slow-style cooking.

Self-stirring Electric Pot, $99.95

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