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Serious about S’mores

smoretolove_web.jpgWe want to be on record that in all of years obsessing over gadgets, we’ve never written about an “As Seen On TV” gadget before.  But this one is too good not to share because it actually works. (We tried it ourselves.)  When we think of summer, backyard barbecues, and beachside fires, we instantly think of s’mores.  While it’s fun to roast marshmallows over an open flame, it can also be scorching hot and most of us have lost a marshmallow or two along the way.  Besides, some of us don’t always have access to a grill or a  fire pit.

This s’more maker (pictured right) is a foolproof way to make six s’mores at once without getting melted chocolate and gooey marshmallow all over your hands.  Just layer the graham crackers, marshmallows and chocolate to your liking.  (We like to add a little peanut butter into the mix.)  With this wire tray, you can make s’mores in your toaster, oven, or bbq grill.  Because the art of s’mores is serious business.

S’more To Love $19.95


  1. Wow. great post. that s’mores machine looks amazing. i really want to get one now. the best part is you can easily make s’mores in your oven

  2. This is all kinds of win… and I normally hate any “As Seen On TV” stuff.

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