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Simply Peeled – A Whole New Brand of Soft-Serve

IMG_1972-1.jpgThis is one of those times I wish I lived on the Upper East Side.   Ever
since Simply Peeled opened a few weeks ago, I want to move.  (I’m only
half-kidding.)  The Upper East Side has just become home to a unique, new frozen dessert so delicious it may have the downtown set breaking their “no traveling north of 14th street rule.”  Now, I’ve been smitten with Mister Softee and his vanilla soft serve since I was a kid.  If there’s no truck in sight, I’ll cop to ducking into Pinkberry for tart frozen yogurt on occasion.  But I really never thought frozen fruit could be so downright addictive.  Simply Peeled serves soft-serve frozen fruit with the silky, smooth texture of soft ice cream and the clean, crisp flavor of fruit.  It’s called Fruizo and it’s creamy, light and luscious.  That’s not the best part.  The best part might just be toppings, like warm, organic peanut butter, wasabi peas, and even chips & salsa.

Fruizo sets a new standard for frozen treats: It’s made from just fresh fruit, filtered water and organic cane sugar.   A four-ounce serving clocks in at less than 100 calories.  And it’s non-dairy, gluten free, fat free, organic, vegetarian, guilt free and exactly what we have been looking for.  It’s hard to believe anything this craveable could be so healthy.  Simply Peeled is the brainchild of four friends — Michael Sloan, Chloe & Jason Epstein and Lauren Browne — brought together by their quest to find a healthy alternative to the crack-like desserts they all love to eat.   Not many soft-serve spots have scratch & sniff wallpaper, rustic, checkerboard floors, and  wooden fruit bins strategically scattered about the space.  The three seasonal flavors right now are mango, strawberry, and my favorite, banana, which all somehow taste fruitier then the fruit they’re made of.  

Of course, you can get your Fruizo plain, but everything is even better with accessories.   We love the strawberry Fruizo with wasabi peas because it’s spicy, sweet and just plain exotic.  The mango Fruizo crowned with tortilla chips and salsa bears an uncanny, frozen resemblance to mango salsa.   The Crunchy Salty Sundae is a  mind-blowing -blend of banana Fruizo, chocolate chips, banana slices, pretzels and warm gooey peanut butter sauce.   With its sudden, new cult following, Simply Peeled is the next big things in frozen treats.  Fro-yo is so 2008.

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  1. Hey – I am really glad to find this. great job!

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