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South Street Seaport Eats

Acqua outdoor cafe .jpgMost New Yorkers think of the South Street Seaport as a crowded tourist destination, best left to out of towners.  But just behind the seaport are some often, overlooked restaurants worth discovering.  This part of the Seaport is where the real downtown hustle happens.

Address: 24 Peck Slip
Phone: (212)766-2344

Suteishi doesn’t look or taste like your average sushi restaurant.  For starters, it’s outfitted with floor to ceiling windows, futuristic walls, and a sleek, red and gold sushi bar.  But if the sushi weren’t so fresh, the romantic decor wouldn’t matter,  at least not to us.  Look past the usual, sushi suspects and take advantage of more unusual offerings, like yellowtail toro, salmon toro and King crab.  We highly recommend the red snapper sushi, crowned with yuzu gelatin,  squid with uni,  and the sea scallop with spicy tobiko.  Other unique dishes, include green tea soba soup, a black cod hot pot, as well as “hot rock” entrees with your choice of Portobello mushroom, shrimp or filet mignon.  There’s an extensive sake list with some wonderful unfiltered sakes.

Acqua at Peck Slip
Address: 21 Peck Slip
Phone: (212)349.4433

Outdoor seating is prime real estate in New York, and this is one of the most charming al fresco spots we’ve stumbled upon this far downtown.  Request an outside table at Acqua (pictured above) and a glass of Prosecco at this lively Italian seafood eatery.  But no matter what time of year, this is a great spot to linger over a bowl of linguine alla bottarga, antipasti or finely charred pizzas.  But our favorites dishes on the menu are the crab salad comes and the Pizza Bianca alla Robiola, topped with speck and white truffle.

CowgirlSeaHorse2.jpgCowgirl Sea Horse
Address: 259 Front St.
Phone: (212)608-7873

From the owners of Cowgirl in the West Village, Cowgirl Sea Horse (pictured right) is
serving up its own brand of Tex-Mex grub with an emphasis on seafood.  The menu at this casual,
culinary canteen features “Pearl Street Oysters,” — a little like Oysters Rockefeller with a Texas twist.  These are baked in a cilantro-lime butter and topped with breadcrumbs and parmesan.  By far, the best thing on the menu are the catfish and oyster Po’ Boys, fried in tasty mix of crackers and cornmeal, and served on a buttery bun

MarkJoseph Steakhouse
Address: 261 Water St.
Phone: (212)277-0020

Located on a sleepy cobblestone street, MarkJoseph Steakhouse is a little hard to find, but well worth it.  Owner Charlie Blair  learned a thing or two about grilling a well-charred porterhouse, while working as the general manager at Peter Luger before going off on his own.   They make great hashbrowns, creamed spinach and steak fries to accompany all of their full-flavored meats.   But not many steakhouses can boast homemade mozzarella and a memorable tuna tartar.

Address: 142 Beekman St.
Phone: (212)566.2220

If you want to make a festive night of the Seaport, this is the perfect place to dine.  There’s live music in the dining room, vibrant cocktails, and an extensive collection of Latin American dishes.  The restaurant looks like a Southern Plantation with tall ceilings, white railings and palm trees scattered around the dining room.   There’s lots of great cocktails —  mojitos, margaritas, sangria and caiprinhas — to start with, while wandering the tapas-focused menu.  In fact, you don’t have to commit to any entree with tapas-sized paella, mini-Cuban sandwiches and little lobster tacos.  Our favorite dish on the menu is the Ceviche Ecuatoriano with a tart, spicy, citrus, and sweet mix of shrimp and luscious guacamole.

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