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Split Decision Pie Pan

pie-lWho’s good at making decisions?  Most of us aren’t, especially when it comes to food. Come fall, we can never make up our minds whether we want to make an apple, pumpkin pie, pear or even plum pie.  Chicago Metallic’s Split Decision Pie Pan (pictured right) makes the decision way too easy for us.  Make both!

This non-stick- 9 inch pan includes a divider, allowing you to create either a traditional full size pie or two different halves.  And have no fear, the divider makes sure there are no fillings leaks from one side of the pie to the other. Lest we forget about savory meat or even vegetarian pies.   (In fact, we just had a fish pie we’re hoping to recreate at home!)  If only we could have things both ways all the time!

Split Decision Pie Pan $11.50

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