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Sugar-Coated Inflation

Never mind the price of gas, has anyone else noticed the cost of honey-roasted peanuts has recently doubled from $1 to $2.  Call it Central Park inflation, the increase only effects vendors around or in Central Park.  “Do you know how much it costs to rent this cart?” a disgruntled cart Nuts 4 Nuts owner grumbles at me.  “$75,000 a year.”

Apparently, this leaves Central Park vendors no choice but to raise the price of peanuts.  Curiously enough, almonds & cashews have remained at a steady $2, coconut $3.

Thus, I’m offically proposing an official citywide boycott of all $2 honey-roasted peanuts on two accounts.  I ask you: how much could it possibly cost to roast nuts in sugar syrup?  My second point of contention: the glaring deception that these second-class legumes are coated in honey, when they actually bathe in sugar water.  Let’s band together on this one, ladies and gentlemen.  Sure, they’re just peanuts.  But what’s next?  Pretzels, hot dogs, ice cream, umbrellas?  The possibilities are frightingly endless.  And yes, it will be hard to resist the urge – especially for me – but we must stop the street cart madness.  An official Restaurant Girl ban is in effect.

Until we eat again,
Restaurant Girl
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