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The Perfectly Chilled Wine

Don’t you hate when you order a glass of wine and it’s too warm to drink or too cold to even taste?  We’ve all had that glass of wine that just wasn’t the right  temperature.  Getting your wine to the perfect serving temperature can be a challenge —especially in the summer. Take a chilled bottle out of the fridge on a sweltering day and it’s way too warm by your second glass.

The Corkcicle lets you throw out the ice bucket and keep every bottle of wine you open at the perfect temperature while your drink it.   It’s simple—keep the Corkcicle in the freezer, and after the first glass is poured, just place the tool inside the bottle.  Your wine will stay at a perfect 72 degrees for up to an hour.  We love that it works with the wine from the inside to insure a steady serving temperature. And it’s completely reusable because it doesn’t melt!  Just rinse it off and stick it back in the freezer when you’re done. Anyone up for the perfect glass of Chardonnay or rose on a warm summer evening?

Corkcicle $24.95

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