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Dishspotting: The Best Thing I Ate This Week

maplebaconbiscuit.jpgI often use a meeting or an appointment as an excuse to wander in and admire the edibles at  my favorite nearby haunts.  A few days ago I happen to be in the Flatiron District, which, of course, meant a drive-by of City Bakery’s salad bar and upfront pastry counter. To me, ogling the oversized chocolate chip, coconut and dark chocolate cookies, and the pretzel croissants is better than window shopping at Tiffany’s.  I got a shot of their signature, hot chocolate and was just about to cave and slip in a chocolate chip cookie when I discovered City Bakery’s biscuit Maple Bacon Biscuit that is.

While I’m not a fan of bacon cupcakes or most bacon-tinged desserts, these are a delicious exception to my rule.  If you’re ever craving something simultaneously savory and sweet, this is your guy.  Salty and sweet, City Bakery’s Maple Bacon Biscuits satisfy both cravings in one blissfully flaky swoop. Most importantly (at least to me), they’re incredibly crumbly with crispy, maple-infused edges and laced with smoky nibbles of bacon. Seeing as the temperature just dropped, it’s the perfect $3 dollar breakfast or afternoon snack this time of year.

City Bakery
Address: 3 West 18th Street, btwn. 5th & 6th Aves.
Phone: (212)366-1414

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