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The Food Loop

490881e.jpgIt’s kind of surprising what with all the innovative gadgets out there that we haven’t found something better to tie up a bird, whole fish, or rolled pork loin than kitchen string or toothpicks.  With Thanksgiving fast approaching, we searched the internet for the better option and thankfully found a clever invention from fusion brands called “The Food Loop” (pictured right).  Instead of a ratty piece of twine this holiday, try tying your turkey up with this trussing tool.  If you’re bird’s too big for one food loop, you can link two loops together.  It’s made of silicone and heat resistant up to 675 degrees.

The food loop can also be used in the oven, microwave or even on the stove top.  And it’s not one of those gadgets you have to put away until the next Thanksgiving. The food loop can be used to tie up a fish, You can tie up meat or even bundle asparagus for steaming.  It comes with four loops and it’s dishwasher safe. While it’s usually $12.95, it’s on sale for $9.95.

The Food Loop $9.95

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