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The Inside Scoop

Who would’ve ever imagined that one day you’d be able to watch a music video on your ipod or send mail from your computer or…order gourmet ice cream from a virtual ice cream shop?  Forget fishing for M & M’s from the office vending machine, Moobella machines offer made-to-order fresh ice cream, right on the spot.  Just pick from one of 12 different flavors – cake batter, banana, & mocha – add one of 5 mix-ins – reeses peanut butter cups, chocolate chips – and you’ve got custom ice cream in 45 seconds flat, $2.50 per serving.  Hmm…I wonder if this robotic ice cream man’s got a girlfriend.

Who needs Ben & Jerry when I can make designer ice cream myself without lifting a finger – well, maybe just a couple of fingers, but only to type in my favorite ingredients.  At Ecreamery, choose from 3 bases (Italian-style gelato base, traditional dairy ice cream, and a creamier premium milkfat) then infuse it with one of 99 flavors (cheesecake, chocolate malted, honeydew) & add one of 99 mix-ins (black licorice, candied roses, & chocolate covered pretzels).  Think cucumber dill weed, cafe cookie blanco, and even queso (smokey cheddar).  Ecreamery’s got every flavor under the rainbow, and not only do you get to create the flavor, but you also get to name it yourself.  My DIY custom blend – Espresso gelato with glazed donuts, raspberry ribbon & chocolate espresso chips.  Forget Chunky Monkey, there’s a new flavor in town – The Restaurant Girl.  Of course, designer ice cream doesn’t come cheap: shipped overnight on dry ice, four pints sells for $49.95, a second flavor infusion will run you an additional $5.00, & $2.50 per extra topping.

If you’ve overstayed your welcome at a friend’s beach house, you might buy yourself a little more quality guest time with an overnight shipment from Ecreamery.  And if you’re looking to get invited back, I suggest naming the designer flavor after your host.

Random Ice Cream Facts:

  • Ben & Jerry’s now sells pre-packaged homemade waffle cones dipped in chocolate, then filled with Ben & Jerry’s exclusive flavors, like Chocolate chip cookie dough and Cherry Garcia, $4.00 per cone.
  • Palapa Azul, has developed a traditional mexican ice cream line boasting unique flavors – flan, caramel, sweet corn & Mexican chocolate with cinammon – all $4 a pint, sold at Whole Foods.
    Graeter’s If the idea of designing your own ice cream seems like too much work, or sweet corn and lavender sound too exotic for your simple sweet tooth, Graeter’s has been making classics since 1870, using a French pot technique, churning out egg custard & cream creations – black raspberry chip, mint chocolate chip, & Buckeye Blitz. Call (800)727-7425 or order online at Graeter’s.

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