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The Juice

It just so happens that Restaurant Girl has a sister.  While I’m usually indulging in something deliciously unhealthy, she may be indulging in the latest exercise trend, gyrotonics (no, that’s not a drink).  My sister and her partner – let’s call them the Juice Girls – have created Vital Juice Daily, a health & wellness daily email.  They’ve just returned from Chicago’s Fancy Food Show with the skinny on the latest food fashions…the healthy ones anyway.

It seems cocktail menus may be getting a makeover from two unlikely sources…more commonly found in your beach bag or grandmother’s garden:
Aloe Vera, a go-to summer sun mistake combatant, is not only being marketed as a juice, but is also making its way into cocktails around the city.  Case in point: Geisha’s aloe vera martini.   Its healing properties might just neutralize the toxins in that drink you’re holding (well, not really, but it does help heartburn and ulcers!).  When you finish off that drink, try Rose Water & Tonic.  High in vitamin C, rumor has it this floral nectar is becoming popular with bartenders as an alternative to juice and soft drink mixers.

And in the category of “fruit that may have jumped the shark”, pomegranate was painfully ubiquitous.  Still alive & kicking, this antioxidant’s showing up in everything from a new Campbell’s V-8 drink to gelato (which perhaps defeats the power of the antioxidants).  So if you eat like a Restaurant Girl, you may want to balance it out with a (free) daily dose of Vital Juice Daily.

Thanks girls.

Until we eat again,
Restaurant Girl
**Full Shill Disclosure**