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The Perfect Omelet

Cooking the perfect egg is an art and there are so many forms to perfect – from coddled eggs to poached and beyond.  One of the most popular is the omelet, which can be tricky.  Cook it on high heat and you’ll get rubbery eggs.  Cook it too low and you’ll get runny.  And then, there’s folding your omelet, which is the hardest of all, unless you have this Over Easy Omelet Express (pictured left).  It might be a little too easy.

Just add your eggs (up to 3 at a time) and whatever you like in your omelet, like mushrooms, spinach and cheese, then close the lid.  No fuss with flipping or folding. There’s a hinge to flip your eggs and the surface is non-stick, so your eggs slide right out.  This Kitchen Selectives Cooker works just as well for hash browns, sausage, bacon and even grilling paninis or grilled cheese!

Kitchen Selectives Over Easy Omelet Express $29.99

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