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The Russian Tea Room

Who doesn’t love Valentine’s Day, or at least love to hate it?  Spend the evening at one of New York City’s most romantic restaurants.  I’m giving away a FREE VALENTINE’S DAY DINNER for two at the famed institution, The Russian Tea Room.  So sink into a cozy booth on the opulent first floor or newly re-opened, second floor dining room – 15-foot juggling bear, samovars, golden tree & all – and enjoy a divinely sumptuous five-course tasting menu with champagne pairings.  Feast on gifted chef, Gary Robins’ silky champagne-poached lobster, savory foie gras pelmeni (RG Best Dish of 2006), and red wine-braised short ribs a la “Stroganoff”.

To win, simply enter your email in the SUBSCRIBE box at the right of the site, then forward to three of your friends, (including,
and enlist them to subscribe!  That way even if you don’t win, you can
guilt your friend into taking you to dinner at The Russian Tea Room.  All
entries are due by Wednesday, February 7th.  The winner will be announced Thursday, February 8th on!

The Russian Tea Room
Reservations: (212)581-7100

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Until we eat again,
Restaurant Girl

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