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The Ultimate Whisk

93204.jpg‘Tis the season for baking, so we’ve been on the hunt for tools that make our life a little easier.  When you’re baking sugar cookies, meringues and gingerbread cake, you need a really good whisk. We thought we had one, until we got the rapid whisk (pictured right) for the holidays this year.  This is literally two whisk in one. The inner whisk is a double metal whisk and the outer whisk is made of silicone.  The combination of the two not only cut your whisking time in half, but also produce fluffier egg whites and cream.  Our favorite part is the easy-to-grip handle, which is super comfortable.  Take advantage of the holidays and linger in the kitchen over freshly baked pumpkin bread and peanut butter cookies.

Ultimate Rapid Whisk $7.99

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