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Townline BBQ in Previews

The moment has finally arrived; well, almost.  While Townline BBQ
doesn’t officially open to the public until July 19th, we’ve managed to get our
hands on the menu.  But first, let’s do a little background check: Owner Mark Smith & executive chef Joe Realmuto (of Nick & Toni’s Hamptons fame) set out on an extensive roadtrip across Texas to sample the Lone Star State’s best barbecue joints. After doing their proper due diligence – pitmaster Joe Realmuto completed an intensive bbq class, properly mastering the artistry of low & slow cooking – the two have returned to the beach to peddle their newfound ‘cue cooking.  They even picked up a few already christened smokers to get the job done right.   

While Alison’s by the Beach is all but a memory, what’s emerged in its place is a down & dirty roadhouse pitstop in Sagaponack for weary weekenders to feast and do a little finger lickin’.  Like nothing the Hamptons has seen before, the space is nothing less than down & dirty: the space is decked in unfinished woodbeam ceilings, long communal tables with wood benches to match and dangling bare bulb fixtures.  It’s even got indoor/outdoor seating and a centrally located hand-washing station to boot.  Let’s indulge an interior shot:


Behold: all things smoked, rubbed.  Let’s have a little look at the menu, shall we?


Address: 3593 Townline Road, Sapagonpack NY
Phone: 631.537.2271
For further Beach Reading: The Beach

Until we eat again,
Restaurant Girl
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