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UES Gets Sauced

The newest addition to the gimmicky food set has me recalling Meg Ryan (When Harry Met Sally) demanding, "I want the sauce, but only if it’s on the side."  A restaurant that actually wants to put up with New York City’s most high maintenance.  God bless him: Saucy’s chef, Simon Mann, plans to lure fickle ladies with a build-it-yourself, mix & match menu. Well, there’s certainly no better neighborhood to open this type of joint than on the Upper East Side. 

Post-pilates or the exercise class du jour, starved females can retreat to the 75-seat space, outfitted with a mirror & burlap-bag festooned ceiling and black-leather banquettes, to graze on organic chicken, filet mignon or pasta with a choice of fifty globally-inspired sauces: anchovy, tandoori, calamari and a French grenadine sauce.  But the most curious offering is a garlic, bacon & eggs sauce.  Who wants to volunteer their tastebuds?  Calling all picky eaters on the UES…

1409 York Avenue, at 75th St.

Until we eat again,
Restaurant Girl
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