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Ultimate Nut Chopper

nut chopper.jpgThanksgiving means a lot of nuts.  Stuffing with walnuts or hazelnuts, pecan pie, almond cookies, and the list goes on.  The New York Times told us that unshelled nuts taste the best, (NYT article) but whole nuts are the next best thing.  We always want our recipes to taste the absolute best, but chopping nuts can be a huge time suck:  They slip all over the board and are impossible to cut uniformly unless you hold each one down.  That’s why we’re grateful for the William-Sonoma Nut Chopper. Its cool, see-through design makes it look like a funky pepper grinder, but it can do so much more.Operated by a hand crank, it has two settings to chop hard and soft nuts – course for stuffings and crumble toppings, and fine to add an interesting flavor to pie dough.  The non-skid base holds the chopper in place, and it’s dishwasher-safe for easy clean up.

The William-Sonoma Nut Chopper, $16.00

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