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Uncle Jack’s Steakhouse

What was once Juniper Suite, a bi-level space in midtown, is soon to become Uncle Jack’s Steakhouse.  But before we prematurely jump ahead, I think it only appropriate to first pay our respects to the dearly departed.  Juniper Suite will be remembered for its foreshadowingly cutesy, “Finger, Fork, Spoon” menu: let this be a lesson to all restaurateurs to beware of gimmicks at all costs.  And lest we not forget owner Jerri Banks, a NYT self-proclaimed “cocktail stylist” (a cringe-worthy label), and perhaps a self-inflicted curse.

But we won’t dwell in the past.  New life stirs in the vacant space and it appears to be another offshoot of Uncle Jack’s Steakhouse.  Jack was serving Kobe beef before it was in vogue & now out (yes, I do declare it out).  In fact, Uncle Jack loyalists have been gnawing on the Japanese-style beef at its Bayside flagship since ’99.  Come July, Quality Meats & Kobe Club will have more competition.

44 West 56th St.
Phone number (TBD…)

Until we eat again,
Restaurant Girl

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