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Wine On The Go

 We promise we won’t judge you for buying this.  In fact, we won’t tell anyone because we may or may not have bought one, too.  The thing is you never know when a wine-worthy occasion will present itself, so you need to be prepared.  You don’t want to get stuck drinking the three-buck-chuck in the parking lot before a concert, family barbecue, or anywhere else, for that matter.

Call us wine snobs, but we don’t like to drink just any old wine, so bringing our own seems like the perfect solution.  There are challenges, like refrigeration and essential tools, like a corkscrew.

These are the problems that the Wine Sack aims to solve.  The sack holds any standard 3L bag of wine, and even has room for a couple of ice packs if you’re feeling a summery white.  The design allows for the tap to be slipped through the side, so you can serve your wine right out of the carrier for easy access.  It comes complete with a non-slip rubber handle, so no more party fouls.  Take it to a cookout, a party, or a concert.  There’s nothing wrong with wanting your wine when you want it, and this is the perfect accessory to insure your summer never has a dry moment.

Wine Sack $69.95

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