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Gordon Ramsay Throws a Tantrum: Oscar-worthy Performance

Posted on Apr 10, 2007 in Gourmet Gossip

It’s not everyday you witness a chef making a scene in front of a packed dining room.  But that was NYC pre-Gordon Ramsay’s invasion.  On my way home from Time Out’s Eat Out Awards last night, I literally caught Ramsay throwing a fit through the window of Nirvana Restaurant at Dillon’s on West 54th Street.  I assumed he was just testy after losing to Stephen Starr (Buddakan & Morimoto) for “Best new restaurateur from out of town” at the Eat Out Awards ceremony.  But apparently it was all staged for an upcoming episode of Fox’s reality show, Kitchen Nightmares, Ramsay’s follow-up to Hell’s Kitchen.  Ramsay seems to be making a nice living off his anger management issues, but here’s an idea for an episode: Gordon Ramsay actually steps foot into his own kitchen (The London) and balls himself out...

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Spring Restaurant Preview

Posted on Apr 6, 2007 in Gourmet Gossip

FR.OG (of French Origin) There’s life at Philip Kirsh & chef Didier Virot’s French-bent downtown venture.  Fashionablly located across from Balthazar, this two-level space will play host to 120 guests.  By way of an open kitchen, you can even watch the handsome Virot create French, Lebanese and Moroccan delicacies: sardine tart, canelloni of lamb, roasted lobster with almonds and honey, and duck leg in pastilla.  Having just secured their liquor license, FR.OG has reported that they’re merely waiting on the physical permit receipt from the city.  (For god’s sake, I’ll go pick it up).  An opening date?  Any minute now to a week… 71 Spring St., btwn. Broadway & Lafayette Sts. 212.966.5050 MERCAT After a month-long delay due to gas issues with the city, it seems Mercat will finally open its doors no later than April 16th.  On Noho’s...

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2007’S Peep-Off X and much more…

Posted on Apr 5, 2007 in Gourmet Gossip

Living in NYC, we think we’ve seen & done it all before.  Apparently not.  Only in Sacramento California can you participate in 2007’s Peep Off X, the tenth annual peep eating contest set to take place on April 14th.  The master of ceremonies himself, Dennis Gross continues to hold onto his 1991 record of 81 peeps.  Even more astounding, Dennis managed to keep all 81 down.  While he didn’t break Dennis’ 1999 record, Doug O’ the Ozark crushed last year’s competition eating an impressive 30 peeps.  Game?  Email the master himself.  Don’t feel like driving across the country?  Watch the documentary, The Power of Peep. 81 peeps.  That must’ve been quite the sugar high.  But how much sugar exactly?  While not listed on the  Just Born’s official site, I happen to have a couple of unwrapped peeps aging nicely...

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One if By Land, Two if By Sea Turns 35!

Posted on Apr 3, 2007 in Gourmet Gossip

It ain’t easy to stay afloat in the restaurant business, especially in these NYC parts.  But this carriage house romancer has managed to survive on “seal the deal” dinners alone.  Personally I prefer to receive presents on my birthday, but this Greenwich Village New American has decided to give away $35 gift cards in celebration of its 35th (just email them at!  Perhaps not so coincidentally, One if By Land has also just announced the addition of Sunday brunch, starting in June.  Why are all the good brunch spots in Greenwich Village?  Might the fine restaurateurs of this city spread the wealth around town?  Perhaps throw midtown a bone. 17 Barrow St., btwn. 7th Ave. & 4th St. 212.255.8649 Website Until we eat again, Restaurant Girl **Don’t forget to subscribe for Restaurant Girl’s Weekly...

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Q & A With Joe Bastianich

Posted on Apr 2, 2007 in Chef Q&A, Chef Q&A Recipes

Joe Bastianich’s partnership with Mario Batali continues to prove a magical combination, resulting in a wildly successful restaurant empire, including Lupa, Babbo, Otto & Del Posto to name just a few.  The son of Lidia Bastianich (owner of three-star restaurant Felidia) and reared in the restaurant world, it streams through Joe’s blood.  In addition to being a triumphant restaurateur, he not only owns NYC wine shop, Italian Wine Merchants, but also boasts two vineyards in Italy and co-authored the best-selling wine book, Vino Italiano.  While Bastianich has preferred to remain “behind the scenes” at his other haunts, he seems to  venture into the front of the house at Del Posto to play host, even known to sing a little opera on Saturday’s when the mood is right. While I was initially frightened away by the whole landlord brouhaha (Del...

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