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From Fish Tacos to a Palace of Pickles, Chelsea Market is Tastier Than Ever

chelsea-marketDid you know that Chelsea Market draws in a whopping six million visitors every year? And imagine how many more will descend on this buzzing food market now that Dizengoff and its addictive hummus and piping hot pita moved in.   It’s no wonder that Chelsea Market has emerged as a formidable dining destination.  And its definitely not resting on its laurels; the last half year saw the debut of Berlin Currywurst (selling German sausages) Filaga (Sicilian pizza) and of course, Mike Solomonov’s Israeli hummusiya, Dizengoff — to supplement over 30 other established market staples, such as Mokbar, Friedman’s Lunch, Lobster Place and Sarabeth’s.

oAnd just when you thought they were at peak capacity in the gourmet wonderland, they’ve managed to carve out even more room for amazing food; starting with Los Mariscos — a seafood-focused offshoot of Los Tacos No. 1.   Expanding upon the original stand’s roster of floppy corn tortillas filled with largely meaty toppings, from grilled steak carne asada to marinated pork adobada, the just-opened spot focuses on the fare of Baja and Tijuana, where they keep their underwater offerings entirely separate.  Which means you’ll finally find fish tacos peddled at Los Mariscos, as well as fillings of spicy shrimp.  Non-tortilla dishes include scallop aguachile dressed with red or green salsa, as well as mixed shellfish ceviche, and there’s even a raw bar, featuring clams and oyster shooters.

pickles-in-glass-jars-1024x681And Los Tacos No. 1 isn’t the only vendor expanding their Chelsea Market footprint — there’s also been major moves from Dickson’s Farmstand Meats.  Situated inside the 15th Street Arcade, Dickson’s Fine Brines has taken inspiration from LES staple Guss’ Pickles; lavishing single-minded attention on all things fermented. C ucumbers definitely take center stage, in permutations like sweet, dill and half-sour, but they’re accompanied by a wide range of vinegared veggies; including peppers, cauliflower, cabbage and olives, as well as a slew of more international offerings such as sauerkraut, relish and kimchi.

So expect the crowds to continue to multiply rapidly, at the gastronomic mecca of Chelsea Market!

Chelsea Market
75 9th Ave
(212) 652-2110

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