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The Best of Broadway Bites 2015

Broadway-Bites1While there are a ton of office workers in and around the Herald Square area, there generally aren’t a whole lot of interesting, non-corporate places to eat — save, of course, the lively restaurants of K-Town.  But come spring and summer, it’s a different story entirely, because that’s when Broadway Bites sets up shop in charming Greeley Square Park. Featuring just under 30 unique culinary vendors, the seasonal pop-up effectively enlivens area employees’ lunch routines, if only for a few short months.  And here are five exciting additions adding an extra bit of interest to the lineup this year, from Renegade Lemonade’s super refreshing libations, to Zha Pan Asian’s Vendy-winning fare.

Asiancini-from-Zha-Pan-Asian-1024x682Zha Pan Asian: Home of the “AsianCini;” this 2014 Vendy award-winning stand peddles pan-Asian Rice Balls, stuffed with Chinese Char-Siu, Korean Bulgogi, Thai Green Curry Chicken, Mushroom Teriyaki and more.

Nola Sno: A new concept from the creators of The Gumbo Bros. (a former UrbanSpace vendor), Nola Sno is bringing fluffy, New Orleans-style shaved ice to midtown.  Using a special, Louisiana-made “Snow Wizard” machine, their frosty treats get mixed with homemade flavored syrups and a wide variety of toppings.

11061985_437409836434767_7652313372138481173_nRenegade Lemonade: For all intents and purposes, lemonade is the official beverage of summer. But since not all drinks are created equal, get your seasonal citrus fix at Renegade Lemonade, which adds fresh fruit and herbs to their sugar and lemon concoctions, such as ginger, strawberry, basil, peaches and mint.

Mason Jar NYC: Since summer and smoked meat go hand-in-hand, you’ll want to check out this fast-casual offshoot of Mason Jar; a Gramercy restaurant concentrating on barbecue, beer and bourbon.  Granted, you won’t find whiskey at their Broadway Bites stand, but you will find hearty eats like Beef Brisket Grilled Cheese Sandwiches and deep-fried Pickle Chips.

nuggets-676x450The Nugget Spot: Why bother with area branches of McDonald’s or Wendy’s, when you can order quality Chicken Tenders at The Nugget Spot?  The poultry pieces come with a myriad of coatings (Cap’n Crunch, cheese crackers, General Tso’s glaze or everything seasoning), and a range of dipping sauces, such as blue cheese, nacho queso, honey mustard, and even spiced butterscotch.

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