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Char. No. 4’s Half-Hog Wednesdays

When is a bar not just a bar?  Char No. 4 makes a compelling case.   This whiskey bar and restaurant won us over a few years ago with its terrific Southern comfort cooking and a collection of nearly 200 whiskeys.  (You can read our 2008 review here!)  The menu is studded with dishes, like homemade pork sausages sauteed with prunes, house-cured lamb pastrami and chile-marinated shrimp with grits.

This October, Char No. 4 is featuring a special dinner, dubbed “Half Hog Wednesdays.”  From now until the end of the month, they will be cooking up half of a Berkshire pig roast for diners who want to take part in the Half-Hog meal. Chef Greco will be prepping the pig five succulent ways: Ancho-Garlic Sausage, Braised Rosemary-Honey Belly, Candied Prune Shoulder Roulade, Pig’s Head Torchon, and Hazelnut Crusted Tenderloin, served with Apple Cider Jus, Whipped Root Vegetables, and Pickled Pearl Onions.  You’ll get all five preparations on one plate, a bottle of beer, and a taste of whiskey, for only $26.  (That’s a serious steal!)  As the colder weather is rolling in, we’re loving the idea of a roast pig dinner to accompany our seasonal, October beers, not to mention the incredible selection of whiskeys at Char No. 4.  The Half Hog special will be available in the dining room and at the bar in addition to the regular menu, so you can try his signature sausages, too.  You can make a reservation for Half Hog Wednesdays by calling (718) 643-2106 or book online at
We’ll see you there!

If you haven’t read our formal review of Char No. 4, you can check it out here…

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